There exist, among health and education professionals, steep apprehensions to consider adoption as a viable option for the management of difficult pregnancy. So it would be important to make this misunderstood option clearer. Concerns on behalf of the patient include the following:

"I will miss my child terribly."

Naturally, indeed. But it is important to know that women who have obtained abortions also often miss their child just as much as if they had offered it up for adoption, event hose who really did not want the child.

"The child will surely be angry at me for giving it up."

Numerous adopted persons say they are very satisfied with their life, for example Mr. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's restaurants, country music star Shania Twain, etc. These people say they admire their mother's courage and are infinitely grateful for the gift of life. The adoptive couple, for their part, is of course forever indebted to the mother for her priceless gift

"I would not know how he or she is doing, and that would bother me terribly."

With adoption as it is now practised in Quebec through the « Centres jeunesse", the woman chooses the couple and will know her child is in good hands.

"I must avoid the risks related to pregnancy, especially at a young age."

Teen pregnancy is not any riskier than at other ages. In fact, the younger the woman, the more vigorous she is. Complications tend to increase with age. If the body is mature enough to conceive, it is mature enough to give birth. The only reason some increased risk has been observed with certain teen pregnancies is because younger girls tend to take less good care of their bodies (fast foods; less sleep; more smoking, drug or alcohol intake, etc.) 1. Also, children born of ten mothers are at no more risk of developmental problems that those of older women, unless the girls are more neglectful of their health 2. In fact, pregnancy represents the full development of the female body. For example, it is universally recognised that term pregnancy constitutes the best possible protection against breast cancer 3.

Adoption (and mentoring) support

All regions: Canada Adoption Council, (613) 235-0344
« Emmanuel l'amour qui sauve », adoption of physically or mentally handicapped children: (819) 395-4889 (Drummondville, Quebec)
L'Arche Montreal, (514) 761-7307, life communities for physically or mentally handicapped persons
L'Arche Agapè: (819) 770-2000 (Gatineau) ; (613) 228-7136 (Ottawa)
L'Arche L'Étoile, tel.: (418) 527-8839 (Quebec city Region)
L'Arche Mauricie (Trois-Rivières) : (819) 373-8781
L'Arche Le Printemps (Saint-Malachie) (Quebec Diocese)
L'Arche Joliette (Laurentides): (450) 759-0408
L'Arche Beloeil (Montérégie) : (450) 446-1061
L'Arche d'Amos (Abitibi-Témiscamingue) : (819) 732-1265

1 - Teen pregnancy no riskier for girl, unless she is negligent with regards to her health and her pregnancy: Sweeney, Patrick, "Adolescent Pregnancy", Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Sanfilippo, Joseph, et al, W.B. Saunders Co. (div. of Harcourt Brace & Co.), Toronto, 1994

2 - Children born to teenage girls no more at risk of developmental problems, unless she is negligent with regards to her health and her pregnancy: McDonald, Katherine, "Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Canada", 34 p., point 26 (

3 - Term pregnancy best possible protection against breast cancer: Statistics Canada, Health Reports, Fall 1996, Vol. 8, no. 2, p. 35