"Mentoring" is the temporary entrusting of the material responsibility for one's child to a person in one's entourage, while remaining the mother of the child. The child then receives even more attention than otherwise, as numerous persons take care of him. And the mother can see him as often as she desires. The person who opens up their home to the child knows they are not the mother and that one day, when the mother will be ready, she will be able to choose to take upon herself the material responsibility for the child. The "foster home" can even receive, as such, an allocation from the provincial government. Do not hesitate to be amongst the "first" to claim such allocations. If the mentor is in need, they can benefit from this allocation. This option was common practise in generations past.

There most probably is at least one person in one's entourage that would be happy to take upon themselves the material charge of a child for an undetermined period of time: an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a grand-mother, a mother, a friend or any other close person that would be trustworthy, knowing that the child would not be theirs and that the mother will visit as often as she likes and will take on the responsibility for the child as soon as she deems fit.

The "Mentoring for single moms network" is a volunteer service in support of women experiencing difficult pregnancies. To offer your services or to receive its services, call toll free 1-866-445-9695